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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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police cues a now, at 5-case cracked or man of egging a house more than 100 times, why he says they have the wrong guy. plus opening day less than two weeks away and native american groups calling for the remove of the banners of, the loophole they just found. and you're looking live outs getting ready to serve up hundreds of those famous corned beef sandwiches. let's start you off with a check on weather and traffic beginning with somara people already in line. >> here is a look right now at the radar and satellite. we're dry, that's the good news. some clouds. this is what i'm expecting today not right now but this evening probably around after 5 p.m. we're looking at a chance for isolated showers but it's not going to be a complete wash-out which is great if you're going to be enjoying all the st. patrick's day festivities. temperatures right
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cleveland, we're looking at 44 in wews, 46 in akron. and you are headed in the right direction because here's a look at your hour by hour day planner. this afternoon you can see temperatures rising to 57 degrees, again after 5 be on the look out for a few sprinkles or isolated showers. let's get a check of traffic. traffic wise things looking pretty good right now. not a whole lot of red we're seeing on the screen. let's head downtown and check out the parade route. the parade starting at 1:00. it's going to start at superior avenue at east 24th. that's where it's going to make a right hand terne onto east 3rd and end at rockwell avenue. you're going to want to get down there in plenty of time allow yourself head outside now to get a live look
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looking pretty good out there. they doubled handcuffed me like i'm a criminal. i have no criminal history. >> developing this morning after a year's long investigation into the egging of a local house more than 100 times. police have finally made an arrest. the man accused of -- police have the wrong guy. >> reporter: yeah, this is a bazaar case to be an now, in guy jason kozan has been arrested by miss on tuesday charged with felony vandalism. now, he has admitted to us that he's had some disputes with the neighbors that live in the home but he denys any wrongdoing and he's confident that a grand jury will see things the same way. so cameras on the home and still nothing but he says he lives in a house
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and this week a surveillance picture from inside his new home is is as euclid police guns drawn arrest him. in another picture from last april when he was served with a search warrant by a swat team. he says he's not the one police want and ads investigators know it. >> i was home when houses egged. i have all the documentation. the cops hit by eggs on door. they have documentation unless they lost it. >> now, euclid police would not go on camera and say this case is a about a lot more than eggs on a house. they say they only showed force because he threatened police several times. now, he says he has contacted attorneys and will be drawing a civil suit against the police department. reporting in euclid, back to you. now, akron police investigating an attempted luring, a 9-year old walking
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she says two white men in an old white pickup truck came up to her. the girl says the driver was an older man with a white beard and glasses. she ran back to the school and told them what happened. new information now on this eye glass theft video we showed you yesterday. the designer glasses the suspects stole worth more than $34,000. this happened in the middle of the day saturday at clear vision on route 303. if you know anything give police a call. well this morning cleveland police looking for two masked thieves behind another smash and grab. this happened on west 47th early yesterday. you can see a van backing into the front door shattering glass everywhere. the thieves then grabbed an atm, shoved it through the van's side door before taking off. and a suspect under arrest
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the cuyahoga county bomb squad also called into detonate three of the pressure cookers used to make the meth. only on 5 native american groups once again calling for the indians to get rid of the wahoo logo calling it racist and outdated. the group along with the city cleveland council member questioning whether indians banners containing the logo have the proper permits to be hung on public street poles outside the stadium. >> some say that you are nit-picking on this permit issue how do you answer that? >> i don't think it's a nit-picking issue. that's a dangerous -- to the public i think they should take down the banners. >> the cleveland's mayor's office looking into there are the proper permits. we've contacted the cleveland indians and they believe that is the case. well new this morning an
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more than double the cost it charges residential customers. our partners report they want to replace ageing pipelines in the next five years but a consumer advocate agency is filing a brief against the proposal. the group is calling for a review of expenses and revenues and a decision on the proposal is expected next month. also new this morning avon local schools reporting their drinking water is clear of any led after several schools tested positive for high levels of led avon schools wanted to ease parents's minds and decide today voluntarily test water at each school. every sample came back as acceptable. well a lot of you might not be getting ready for work right now instead planning to join thousands of others to go downtown st. patrick's day. maybe you'll line up for a corned beef sandwich. before people partake in the fun
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this morning. >> reporter: the moral of the story if you see something say something. police asking people to use the hashtag cle saint pats on twitter that will get their intention but this morning everyone is we would be behaved. there are about five people in line. we talked to the first two guys they said they've been coming here for years. this is a great tradition they enjoy. they don't mind getting up early in the morning but they will not be heading downtown today later for the parade but thousands of people will. we were talk approximating about some of the road closures and they're having some -- there have been some cleveland police say the amount of officers on the streets today will be about the same as years past but they'll be deployed officers believe that will help awareness and response time. also the public square construction adding a new element for police officers. >> the congestion is going to have crowds that are standing
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it's going to be easier for us to kind of i'll use the term and which will help us with visibility. >> reporter: and also important to note officials say there won't won't be any specific dui or ovi checkpoints. officer will be on alert in general. back here the take out orders not being given out until 6. so these people have about another hour to wait until they can get those corned beef sandwiches. and if you will be stuck inside during the parade you couldn't take off couldn't get a lunch break we will live stream that entire parade for you on also on newsnet5 app, but it will look better on your desk top computer for sure. >> you think so? >> yeah, it's a bigger screen. thanks for being with us this morning. coming up a family's dog
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found alive five weeks later how
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breaking overnight from the live desk promising news against the fight in the zika virus. we are learning an experimental vaccine was 100 percent effective in early trials. health experts have said a vaccine could be years away but the researchers saying this could speed up the pace. right now the uber driver behind bars for the shooting spree that left 6 people dead and two hurt is suing the ride sharing company in the complaint he's demanded $10 million from uber saying the company ripped
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said he wasn't paid back wages and overtime did not get a christmas bonus and was force today work when he was sick. he says uber is the reason he's in prison and his wife is divorcing him. two hospital necessary washington urging nearly 1,500 patients to get tested for hepatitis and hiv right now because a former technician is charged with stealing a syringe with pain-killers and replacing it with one containing something else. officials say the risk is low but want them to get tested to be safe. well a warning from donald trump over his quest to win the nomination. now, it's not a lock that he can win the 1237 delegates needed before the party's cone investigate this summer. if that's the case a brokered convention could take place and someone not leading in delegates could become the nominee which he says is a bad omen for cleveland. >> i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you'd
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i'm representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. >> well senator ted cruz who's right now in second to trump in delegates also opposes the brokered convention. he says the only way to defeat trump is at the ballot box. and as the republican national convention is closing in it is a race to finish construction on a number of new hotels in the area and those booked up but the guests still a mystery. right now the host committee is responsible for placing reservations at the properties. some of the rooms contracted at the drury hotel downtown set to open at the end of next month. so how much they'll go for here's what the general manager is saying. >> we don't feel that it's the when there's opportunities like this. we want to make the city look at good as possible because we're not just looking at the happens after that.
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committee working to place delegates, interests groups and media in more than 16,000 rooms. now, to severe weather in the south parts of texas still complete under water this morning. look at all of that flooding yesterday. buildings complete surrounded, roads turned into rivers there, even an interstate had to be shut down. people who live along one river have been order today evacuate, and here you can see he pretty much the entire town is under water and that's forced the people who live there to seek higher ground. take a look at these guys here they've moved yes their entire living room to the roof. you could see the tv, the couches and there's even a guy there you spot him there. >> is he sleeping? >> because when you have to move to your roof your parents don't want you to do your chores. >> right exactly. let's get a look right now at what's going on in northeast ohio. it's st. patrick's day, we're one day away from friday weekend.
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now at what we have, that storm system to the north of us must be i think fringing on us just a tad bit today but overall it is going to be a nice day. here's a look at the satellite you can see all the clouds there. a anything else mix of sun and clouds today. here on the future cast we push forward and you'll notice around 10 a.m. we're clear. the clouds have moved out we've got some sunshine it will add some notches to the temperature. we do stand that chance to see an isolated shower or two. now, i don't want you to be caught off guard by that make sure you have the umbrella. temperatures drop and i mean drop and we get closer to that freezing mark. we could be looking at a chance for a few flakes tomorrow morning. then friday drys out making for a lovely saturday at least looking out the window because outside is going to feel chilly.
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cleveland, 46 in medina, good morning millersburg. you will be seeing the temperatures in the 50s today i'm going to give you 57. there goes the cool down towards the weekend. do you know that sunday is the first day of spring, and we could be seeing some flakes. that's a look at your power 5, 7-day forecast. how are the roads? well things looking pretty good right now. here's a live look at some odot cameras. things looking pretty good out there on 77. and heading over to our maps a whole lot of green we're seeing right now. not seeing any issues or tie ups for this morning's commute, 71 looking good, 77 looking good also 90 eastbound looking good but a paving project might cause some headaches or drivers on 90 on north marginal road. they're
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so be aware for maybe some confused drivers looking for that detour. again a repaving project. they're repaving both lanes. one lane of traffic is open right now for drivers so be aware. we've got some breaking news that's coming into the live desk here. we're learning of a building fire in akron. we just got to the scene. this is is in the 500-block of lovers lane the fire department tells us this is a vacant building. no word on injuries but we'll keep you updated. and health news hundreds of hospitals now using a new robot technology to sanitize rooms. thor it carries a powerful uv light that can reach places and bacteria missed by human hands. it's strong enough to kill drug
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>> we've reduced our infections significantly in the last year, and prior to that we've seen a decrease in all of our infections. more than 300 hospitals, surgical centers and nursing home across the nation using thor the machine right now. well we always hear about the benefits of working out. >> 7 heart healthy had been bits include avoiding tobacco maintaining weight and you know people who follow the steps had faster are -- at the beginning of the study so those experts apparently know what they're talking about. well to another fishing story with a happy ending, an 18-month old german shepherd named luna was missing for five weeks.
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after going overboard. she survived and somehow managed to swim to a nearby island and was found. she's now reunited with her family. >> nearly five weeks. so they found her on an island. the navy says she was hungry but she's okay ask back with her family after all that time. >> did you see the ice they're blue or is that the photo? >> i don't know i'll look next time. welcoming up escaped inmates on the run until a homeless man saves the day. plus many of you gearing up for march madness, we'll tell you who president obama thinks will take it all the way. you're watching good morning
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the cavs with a day off after a close call at the q. james took the night off to rest. they tomorrow back from an 18 point deficit with under 10 seconds left to play, we hold on for a 99-98 win. and ncaa news march madness officially starts today and president obama is revealing his tournament brackets. he plays kansas, north carolina, texas a and m and michigan state in the
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only once has he successfully predicted the national champion which is north carolina back in 2009. so between march madness and st. patrick's day no one is getting work done today. except me. here's a look right now what we've got. we're dealing with dry conditions this morning. some clearing of the clouds, a lot of clouds out there. we do have wet weather chances. i think today is going to be a beautiful day but we stand a chance to see an isolated or stray shower this afternoon into the the evening. in fact our chances for wet whether go up on friday we could see some snowflakes in the morning going down on your saturday and increasing again sunday. over to you, john. how's traffic? things looking pretty good out there. no issues or accidents to report. i do want to tell you about a couple of road closures, canal road under 90 is going to be closed they're
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over in shaker heights lee road is going to be closed just the northbound lanes. they're replacing a gasoline. a live look at our odot cams. time now for what's trending this morning first up check out this guy behind me over hi shoulder we told you about a plus sizeded female model on the cover of a running magazine. >> and now the first plus sized male model has been sign. they're dog the new division brawn, and he looks pretty good there i would say. also trending this morning recognize this familiar face, it's cookie monster of course now being featured in an ad for apple new iphone.
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new hands free feature to play him a song. and a homeless man in san francisco is getting a reward after helping police catch two escapees back in january. >> the orange county board of $100,000. he says he's going to use the money to help his son and disabled daughter. >> so sweet. coming up next an ohio hospital taking the heroin epidemic into their own hands. how volunteers helping the youngest victims. >> plus the next gop debate now in the dumps why two candidates say they wouldn't attend. and here's a look at last night's winning lotto numbers.
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they double handcuffed me like i was a criminal. i have no criminal history. >> after a year long investigation an arrest is finally made in a bazaar egging case in euclid but do police have the right guy? and it's st. patrick's day, everything you need to know by the parade route in downtown
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police, but we want to get police, but we want to get things started with somara theodore ask that st. patrick's day forecast. we going to be seeing that today let's take a look at the forecast. for the morning we're starting off pretty cool. we're going to be seeing temperatures around the upper 40s, partly cloudy, some clouds, sun but as we head into the afternoon we'll gain a little bit more sun. here's the thing it going to be windy so make sure you secure those green hats and as we head into the evening we stand a chance to see an isolated shower or two. temperatures going to 45 by tomorrow morning. we're waking up to the 30s and to think spring is only a few days away. we're going to talk by the spring forecast and how winter is trying to stick around but john, how the roads? things looking pretty good. no accidents or incidents to report. things looking good on 71, 77, 90 eastbound but if
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parade it's going to start on superior. it will make a right-hand turn onto east 3rd. it starts at 1 o'clock allow yourself plenty of time to get down there, parked and a good seat. heading outside this is 71. breaks news as we told you a raging fire inside a building right now in akron. we've got live pictures to show you here from our overnight news tracker, this is the 500-block of lovers lane. you see that smoke. the fire department telling us this is a vacant building. now, this fire started around 4:15 this morning and as you can see still going strong. at this point no injuries, we are making calls and we'll keep you updated. developing this morning in euclid for a year now someone has egged this home behind me here more than 100 times.
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but the suspect even neighbors think officers have it wrong. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a story that got lots of media attention for months but still no arrests that is until now euclid police arresting jason kozin tuesday at his home charging him but he tells us he's innocent. now, this all unfolded on the quiet street of willmore avenue, a house been pelted by eggs, paint balls even grapefruits over the course of a year. now, cameras on the home and nothing. he says he lives in the house across the street for two years and this week a picture from inside his new home arrest him. in another picture from last april when he was served with a search warrant by a swat team. now, he has no prior criminal history says he of it. i have my evidence, a lot of evidence, and whatever evidence they have
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is for. so --. >> reporter: now, euclid police would not go on camera but they say this case has a lot more to do with just egging the house and say they showed force against him because he's made multiple threats against police. this case is going to a grand jury where they will decide if they're going to indict him. a south euclid vandalism taken to an extreme. police called to the library because kids were throwing furniture and threatening staff. one boy challenged one of the officers to a fight. he was arrested and then he tried to kick out the back window of a squad car. he also kicked a holding cell door so hard he broke the lock. he was release today a guardian but is facing charges. the family of an inmate who died in the cuyahoga county jail now suing the sheriff. he died last march after he was taken to the hospital in full cardiac arrest.
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says he died of an overdose but the family says he had not get the proper treatment. well the city of cleveland is starting a conversation about it justice department says cleveland police need to work on. so last night the mental health advisory committee held an opening meeting to get input on new police policies. two more meetings scheduled saturday at tric. this morning new details in the huntington bank if he is merit buy out. the bank has to do it to get regulatory approval for the buy out. this is in addition to the 107 branchs including 20 in akron that are closing. also new the research center has a new director and she is is making history. here's a photo of her.
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she is the center's first female director and the first direct during her time in space they helped map the earth's surface and install an air lock on the international space station. all right if you at home still picking out your clothes for the day here's your friendly green, okay. it is st. patrick's day of course and thousands getting ready to pack downtown cleveland. >> our annual parade considered one of the best in the country, and wave couple of unique traditions like lining up. >> reporter: it looks like more than 10 or so. the line is definitely building. more people have arrived in the last 20 minutes or so but one guy tells me that he's surprise that had more aren't here at the time. he got here at 4:30.
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there's times we've came here he's had heaters up and he takes good care of his customers. so that's why people keep coming back. >> and you know like him thousands of people headed to downtown for the 149th st. patrick's day parade about 11,000 will be marching, and of course the big crowds mean police will be on high alert. police working with multiple agencies to pull off a layered security plan. officers will be in uniforms and regular clothes stationed all around the city. police and organizers asking the public to remain aware and let them know he if you see anything suspicious. >> if you see it and it looks questionable get ahold of somebody, so that we can get the message to the police and have them check it out. >> if you don't see an officer nearby you can get on twitter and use the hashtag cle saint
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that go hashtag and respond to any issues that are reported. also important to know there will be no official ovi or dui checkpoints, police will be looking or people who are heavily intoxicated so make sure you have a dd. back to you guys. and if anyone is going to be stuck inside for that parade today you can still watch it online. >> we'll be live streaming the entire parade and it starts at 1 o'clock this afternoon. so cool how they're utilizing social media here as well. still ahead the fox feud reignited trump backs out of another debate saying he already has plans. and signing up, would you volunteer to be infected with the zika virus, then researchers want you. we'll leave you with a live look at ireland.
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good morning, today is shaping up to be a lovely day. we do stand a chance to see a few stray showers but i want to go ahead and do a little tour of today's highs. happy st. patrick's day mansfield.
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wood 55 degrees, euclid, good morning, westlake you all 54. a little farther south of course akron has to outdo everyone. well would you roll up your sleeve and let scientists inject you with the zika virus. it's called a human challenge when healthy people volunteer to be infected with the disease. it's meant to help come up with new or improved vaccines, it was done and the vaccine was promising so scientists want to give it a try. and we've talked for month, years even about ohio's heroin epidemic but we haven't talked much by the youngest victims. >> right, babies born addicted to the drug. a cincinnati hospital says the problem is so bad they have volunteer cuddlers who hold babies. >> sometimes the only time they sleep is when they're in somebody's arms and you can rock them.
5:42 am
three to four hours at a time because it is the only way they can sleep. just breaks your heart. time now 5:42. throwing away $400,000, a husband tosses his wife's wedding ring, what they did to get it back. then the future is finally here. you may never have to tie your shoes again, but is the technology all we expected.
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from the live desk we are still following breaking news out of akron, firefighters trying to put out this building -- building on fire on lovers lane. a source telling me this is the old lovers lane automotive building. it looks like firefighters getting a handle on things. we've learned the building is vacant but again the flames appear to be dying down but certainly still raging this. this has been going on for about 90 minutes: we'll be staying on top of this and keeping you updated. also breaking overnight north korea requesting a meeting with the un. it threatened a
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exercising earlier this month. the north claims the operation claim to bring down its social system. it's announcement ohio native was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for apparently taking a political banner from a hotel. now, to democracy 2016. donald trump won't show up to the debate. governor john kasich also said he would not attend if trump wasn't there so the debate was cancelled. and that's the latest choice in the race to cleveland and we could have a contested convention in july. governor kasich is preparing for that possibility. so 24 hours after his big ohio win his campaign hire add top operative to focus on a contested convention.
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happen but they're going to look at somebody who could actually be president of united states who has a record of accomplishments not just talk and secondly they're going to wonder about who can win a general election. >> a contested convention may be his only hope of winning the white house. it's math mat particularly impossible for him to win the nomination outright. well today the new supreme court nominee will visit capitol hill. appeals court judge her rick garland will be meeting with democratic senators. some gop senators say they will speak with him. and all eyes will be on our nation's capitol today as rick snyder testifies before congress about the water crisis in flint and the governor plans on taking full responsibility. according to his prepared statement he calls the crisis a failure at
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also says he took action as soon as he became aware of led issues last october. he also goes onto call out the epa and thanks a man he calls a whistle blower who was ignored. earlier this week we showed you video of an suv wiping out on wisconsin well now the video is prompt ago driving debate across the country. here's the video again for you. the suv tailgating when suddenly the drive hits their brakes. the driver loses control and crashes into a median. now, police say the driver who crashed was cited and they're now trying to find the driver who did a brake check and drove off. is there anything you dig through the trash for. 8 tons of garbage how about that diamond ring there. a husband threw away his wife's $400,000 wedding ring and when she realized it was gone it was on
5:49 am
made a call, the trash company stopped the truck. the couple and an operations manager helping out here too starting digging and less than a half an hour they found it. it's not hard to miss. >> yeah and not hard for her to realize it was missing. i'm so glad they found it. and he's a lucky guy, can you imagine if she didn't find that thing she'd be getting an upgrade. okay. so here is a look -- i think i found the gold today because we're going to be seeing a golden day with plenty of sunshine. no clouds. a little farther coverage. we're going to be seeing the clouds start to clear a.m. we are in for dry conditions, we're in for temperatures on the rise we're in for a lot of sunshine. it's going to be gorgeous out there today. it is going to be cool
5:50 am
reaching the mid to upper 50s and that's pretty mild, the breeze. it's going to be very breezy. so again, make sure you have a light jacketed with you and we keep pushing through towards friday. we will get a little bit of precipitation friday. as temperatures drop there's that chance for snow. i think it's very minimal. we may see a few flakes early friday morning but after that we should be pretty good until friday afternoon where we start to see a little bit of showers. saturday is also shaping up to be a nice day. currently temperatures 47 degrees in cleveland. medina 45, 50 in new philadelphia your power 5, 7-day forecast has you going to 57 this afternoon. again, like i said, we had a chance to see a few flakes early friday morning by saturday we are dry again of. the next chance for really warm weather next week wednesday. john, how are you doing? i'm doing well and
5:51 am
forecast a nice ease commute. only one minor incident to report a disabled vehicle i-71 on west 25th street. head out to mentor a large transformer is going to be on the move from carpenter drive to route 615 south it's going to go south on 615 to route 84 and it's going to go eastbound on 84 and get out of town so that's going to take place beginning at 9 a.m. and last for several hours. heading outside for live looks at our odot cameras this morning here's four live looks at 271. >> thank you. good to have another guy in the studio today. >> i know, normally you're way outnumbered. so the apple watch has some new competition. check these out this is the k wander. they look like old school watches but they have touch screens. you can make calls, text, you can
5:52 am
about $295. they also says they're coming out with a tie accomplish line of fitness trackers later this year. >> i like those they look nicer than the apple watch too i think. we've been talking about this next story for month, nike create ago self tying shoe. >> and they are finally here. so what do they look like? they come in black, white and gray but you know when we saw them in action we were a little underwhelmed but you be the judge. okay so that's darren rovel from espn. if you have to have a pair they're set to go on sale just in time for christmas. i didn't see an actual bow there. just expand retract so
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>> hopefully the button never gets stuck and couldn't contracting. coming up next a major drug bust in stark county agents swarming homes and business to say break one of the areas biggest drug raids. and then do you just love bubble wrap so much that you would get married in it. well you have to see the unique dress. that is 60 seconds away on good morning cleveland. a
5:54 am
i want you to check this out, that is a wedding dress made out of recycled bubble wrap. the store has a history of eye catching displays in the past.
5:55 am
made out of playing cards, maps, recycled exams. you're definitely going to be saving money on that thing. here's a look right now at akron, good morning. live look we are dry down there. quiet off to a beautiful start for your thursday. we saw chances for rain pretty high yesterday, just within the couple hours we are going down in the chapses for rain so i think you'll be good today akron. i can't rule out a stray shower. let's get a look right now at that forecast. come on clicker, there we go. akron you're going to be hitting the mid to upper 50s, 58 degrees for your high a good amount of sunshine in there. it's shaping up to be a pretty easy morning commute into the city. one minor incident a disabled vehicle be aware it may cause some slow downs. a closure canal road is going to
5:56 am
doing some bridge deck work. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.. here is a live look at 271. there. let's take a look at headlines around ohio. this morning two rocky river sisters arrested in a major drug best and one of them used to be a reserve officer. they're accused of having ask and selling marijuana and mdma. the fbi says they would travel out of state to get the drugs and sell them. she was removed in the department because of the investigation. and video here you'll only see on 5 this morning of another major drug best. federal investigators carrying out simultaneous raids at self homes also a mexican restaurant in stark county. 11 people were arrested in a major crystal meth ring and officers seizing nearly $100,000 and guns.
5:57 am
pretty shock to go a lady who owns a tanning salon next store. >> it was scary, you know, hoping it doesn't affect the business or nothing. they just moved in there probably a week ago. >> several children were also taken from the home in total 11 people now facing charges. all is well at the cincinnati zoo after a behind the science excitement yesterday we'll say. two of the polar bears got out of their enclosure. they were loose in an employees only part of the zoochlt now, they have a double containment system so they were never at risk of going too the guest areas and this morning they're back where they belong. okay we don't have a eligible bachelor. a university of akron grad will be a contestant. he is from hubbard
5:58 am
will be one of 25 men trying to woo jojo fletcher. >> ohio representing. next at 6 making money after the rnc, we check in with hotels around northeast ohio as they fill up. and finding fault in the indians, a native american group using a new tactic to get their message across. plus we're live with a st.
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police cues a man of egging a house more than 100 times why he says though they have the wrong guy. plus opening day less than two weeks away and native american groups again calling for the remove of chief wahoo from banners the loophole they have just found. but first we want to get you more on the breaking news. firefighters battling a stubborn tire in south akron. look here live pictures on the ground from our overnight news tracker on scene. this is on lovers lane. the fire department tells us this is a vacant building. the fire started around 4:15. you can see still very active. firefighters on scene trying to get those flames under control but still pretty intense out over to you. and happy st. patrick's day y'all.


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